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This year, SSAF held its inaugural “Art Springs Forth” Reception at the home of board member and world-renown master artist, Ross Rossin. Guests experienced a night filled with celebrating the arts and gaining insight into the latest accomplishments of the foundation.

SSAF has a two-prong platform to support the arts in Sandy Springs:

  • Enhancing the arts experience for public schools

  • Supporting Sandy Springs Arts Nonprofits


During the event, SSAF specifically showcased our partnership with the public middle schools in Sandy Springs. Ten talented students, two principals and two art teachers attended. Ross spoke to the students about the power and impact of the arts. In addition, each student brought their favorite art creation for Ross to appreciate and give mentoring feedback. The workshop was instructive to the students and school administration alike and was much appreciated.

After the workshop, the students proudly shared their art with the guests. All then continued to enjoy the evening and a sense of community engagement.

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