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Art In Place 2020
(Now known as Art In Action)

In 2020, SSAF began the Art in Action program (formerly known as Art in Place). Art has the
ability to uplift and transform. It was with this in mind, SSAF approached the two middle
schools in Sandy Springs (Sandy Springs Charter Middle School and Ridgeview Charter Middle
School) with the concept of students participating in an arts contest highlighting this ability to
inspire and express perspectives.

Over 380 students in total submitted videos describing their art product or performance and
explained why producing art was so important, especially in difficult times. Each school

honored these submissions with a certificate and congratulations were made to all! For their
participation, SSAF donated $5,000 to each school to purchase much needed art supplies.
The high response rate is a testament to how important the power of art is to students and
reflects the effectiveness of the relationships between the students and their art teachers. Art
and art education are especially crucial during a child’s middle school years. In many cases, the
eighth grade is a student’s last formal training in the arts. Consequently, we have to make art
time COUNT!

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