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The Foundation

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When it comes to the arts, the impact spans far beyond the canvas.

Whether it is an event or an educational program, communities, companies and their people benefit deeply from the arts. They fuel our hearts, reshape our minds and challenge us to think outside the box. We can’t wait to ignite this change in you.

Tango Dance Couple 2

Our Vision

Sandy Springs is a strong community knit together by emphasis and love of the arts, which celebrates the cultures, commonalities and well-being of our community.

Our Mission

Sandy Springs Arts Foundation’s mission is "to elevate all Sandy Springs residents through the arts."

Sandy Springs is a community rich with arts and cultural opportunities for ALL of its residents.

Our Purpose

It's more than just a marketing statement, it's at the root of everything we do. We exist to enhance the quality of life for Sandy Springs residents by providing financial support for comprehensive arts education and programing. We do this by engaging donors in the community.

To achieve our goals, the Foundation raises funds to provide grants to organizations and schools that fulfill our mission. Click on our Grant page to learn more about the partners we support.  

Our Framework

Our grant-making framework incorporates two-core programs:


Meade Sutterfield


Jennifer Barnes


Bill Henagan

Board of Directors

Jennifer Barnes

Ken Byers

Jan Collins

Bill Henagan

Laurie Kirkegaard

Kim McAfee

John Ray

Scott Smith

Robyn Spizman

Meade Sutterfield

  1. Enhancing the Arts Experience for public schools in Sandy Springs (“Art in Action”: Art Contest and Student-to-Student Mentoring; ArtBeat) 

  2. Sandy Springs Arts Nonprofits 

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