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City Springs Theatre Company Arts Education

Some of City Springs Theatre Company (CSTC) arts education programs

have been funded by SSAF.

CSTC programs serve educators and students, Pre-K through college, by engaging the educational community through a student matinee series, hands-on training, and summer programming. This outreach includes field trip programs and summer camps.


City Green Live and Concerts by the Springs

SSAF sponsors two free concert series at the

Performing Arts Center’s Campus

City Green Live is a Friday night “must-do” for music lovers. This concert series features local, as well
as nationally-known musicians, during the spring and summer.


Concerts by the Springs is another smaller concert series held during the summer. Visitors can wind down and enjoy music and a sense of community.


The concerts allow all Sandy Springs residents and visitors to share the musical experience, together.

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Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

SSAF has sponsored the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival (AJFF) is a showcase of international cinema that broadly explores themes of identity, history and culture. Through the power and shared experience of cinematic storytelling, AJFF fosters stronger bonds within the Jewish community, and inter-group relations with Sandy Spring’s diverse cultural, ethnic and religious communities.

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Djoli Kelen

SSAF has sponsored Djoli Kelen