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People like you make the world go ‘round. Let us help you make a difference in our community.


The following are the purposes for which Sandy Springs Arts Foundation (SSAF) considers grant requests:

  1. Enhancing the Arts Experience for Public School Children in Sandy Springs – SSAF collaborates directly with the public schools in Sandy Springs to fund and enhance the arts experience and programming for their students.

  2. Assisting Sandy Springs’ Arts Nonprofit Organizations – SSAF assists other Sandy Springs nonprofits requesting funding for execution of arts programming, which support the premise that art enhances inclusion, the economy, health, and/or a sense of community.



  • SSAF considers grant requests for arts and culture programming aligned with our mission: to elevate all Sandy Springs residents through the arts. Organizations classified as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and that conform to our eligibility criteria are eligible to apply for a grant, including faith-based nonprofit organizations and public and private elementary, middle and high schools.

  • Although SSAF will consider grant requests from large organizations, including those with internal and/or external fundraising capabilities, SSAF will prioritize grant requests from smaller organizations which do not have such capabilities.

  • SSAF will prioritize grant requests from organizations seeking to elevate, enhance, and/or improve access to the arts for all residents, including those who face physical, emotional, and/or financial challenges.

  • The delivery of the arts education and/or arts/culture programming must take place in whole or in part in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

  • Programs that use art in educational and/or healthcare settings are eligible to apply.

  • A match is NOT required to receive a grant from SSAF; however, SSAF will prioritize grant requests from organizations who propose to match the funds requested with funds from obtained from other sources.


  • SSAF funds expenses appropriated with a specific grant request and will not fund grants to organizations for annual operating funds, buildings, land acquisition, endowments, or debt reduction.

  • Individuals and for-profit organizations are not eligible for funding.

  • Houses of worship are not eligible to apply for grants but faith-based community organizations with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status are eligible.

  • Grant distributions are based on eligibility, merit, alignment with SSAF’s mission, criteria, goals, and availability of funds.



The grant requirements are contained in the Sandy Springs Arts Foundation Grant Request Application, which can be requested on the website at

Applications must be received by July 3, 2024 or September 25, 2024.



Grant recipients will be required to submit an end of program or event report.  For multi-year programs, a mid-year progress report and year-end report, including expenditures of grant funds are required.

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