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Apply for a Grant

  • Applicant organization is a 501c-3.

  • Applicant organization’s mission is aligned with providing arts education and access to the arts.

  • Applicant organization serves residents of Sandy Springs.

  • What are the program’s educational objectives? How does the program meet current GA Curriculum Standards?

  • What is the expected outcome/benefit for those who participate in the program?

  • Who is the target program participant? (age, income level, demographic data)

  • Provide the organization’s strategic plan.

  • Provide the organization’s fiscal annual budget.

  • Provide a detailed line item budget of the program you are seeking to fund. How exactly will funds be used?  When will funds be used.

  • Explain why funding is needed and how the program will impact the community at large?

  • What will happen to the program if the requested funding is NOT received?

  • What other funding sources, sponsors, and organizational partners are part of this program?

  • Who will staff the program and what are their credentials?

  • How long has the program existed? Why was it created? What community need does it meet?

  • What metrics will gauge the program success? How often and when in the grant cycle will those metrics be assessed. 

  • How will your organization publicly recognize the Foundation’s investments in your program (i.e., social media, marketing, and promotional materials)?

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