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Art In Action 2021/2022

2021/2022 – SSAF continued its Art in Action (formerly Art in Place) arts contest program
to include not only the two middle schools, but also the two high schools (Sandy Springs
Charter Middle School (Title 1), Ridgeview Charter Middle School (Title 1), Riverwood
International Charter High School, North Springs Charter High School).

The arts contest reached 955 students across the four schools – more than double the 2020 student participation number (380 students). SSAF donated $8250 to each of the four schools to be used for art supplies (instruments, audiovisual equipment and consumables).


“In the videos, we saw and heard student art in its purest and best forms, and we were also able to hear middle school voices telling how important arts are to young adults and to communities alike. Our partnership featured a “winner’s circle” of students whose projects best answered how art uplifts. Their videos were featured on our social media platforms in an effort to uplift our school and broader Sandy Springs community about the power of art…SSAF through its partnership with my school is living its mission and endeavoring to make an impact on burgeoning artists. They’re simultaneously improving arts offerings in my school and within our Sandy Springs community. It’s been a gift to work with them as they strive to enhance the arts.”


Dr. Oliver Blackwell
Ridgeview Charter Middle School

In addition, SSAF sponsored a student-to-student music mentoring program with both North Springs Charter High School and Sandy Springs Charter Middle School. A total of 130 students were involved in this new element of Art in Action. The high school students mentored their middle school counterparts. SSAF donated monies to cover running the program and additionally funds to purchase art supplies. As we always look for new opportunities to promote the arts, we are proud to now permanently include the mentoring program as part of our Art in Action outreach. In total, 955 students were a part of Art in Action in the 2021/2022 school year.


"I so wanted to be a mentor to the middle school music students. When I heard we received funding for a mentoring program, I quickly signed up. Thanks to SSAF – I so enjoyed this opportunity.”

Nadine Mitchell
Art in Action Student Mentor
North Springs Charter High School

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