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Art in Action 2023

In 2023, videos/art forms again were submitted by the participating students at the Sandy Springs-located public schools (middle schools and high schools) explaining why the arts were so impactful to them. Using the school’s arts teachers as judges, three finalists were named for those schools.

In addition, some school’s music students participated in the statewide Large Group Participation Evaluation (LGPE). LGPE is sponsored by the Georgia Music Education Association and is an evaluation process for musical performance and sight-reading abilities for individual students, performing groups and teachers. LGPE affords a valuable opportunity and motivation for learning. Finalists were then determined.

Schools purchased much needed art supplies such as instruments (clarinets, saxophones, violins, cellos, etc.), class art supplies (paint, brushes, palettes, clay, etc.), sheet music, tools for theatre set constructions and costume creation, lighting equipment to boost production options, supplies and equipment for an annual arts festival, and other needs that arise in the creation of student artwork and performances.

We are proud of each way students were involved in an art contest format for our “Art in Action” program.

Our student-to-student mentoring program for 2023 will be held in the Fall at Sandy Springs Charter Middle School and North Springs High School.

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